So, I went to renew my driver’s license. I haven’t driven since the accident. But if I’m really determined to be normal, I need to face my fears and act normal, and that means driving. Just…not behind any more boats.

I made it to the DMV, and there were about sixty people in line. Big surprise. I let out a frustrated moan…and most of the people screamed and ran away.

Usually, I’d be offended by this. I’m sick of people being scared of me, treating me like a monster. I shouldn’t need to explain how dehumanizing it is to be thought of as just another zombie. But in this case…I was just happy that the line got a lot shorter.

I filled out the forms, paid the fee, and…got my new driver’s license. No questions asked. Apparently, the fact that I was the driver (and victim) in a fatal car crash didn’t hinder the process in any way.

I never realized how easy it is to get a license in Florida. Now I’m REALLY scared to drive!

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