Potentially getting my job back at NationState has become a living nightmare. They’ve got my appeals tied up in their legal departments, so my future is in the hands of a roomful of guys in suits who are just trying to breeze through the day and make their 4:30 golf game. I’ve spent so much time on hold with HR departments, my left ear is actually getting a little mashed, and if I hear that hold music one more time…

Sigh. I saw this ad on craigslist a few days ago: “Flexible hours!! Work from home!! Be a part of a marketing revolution!!” The company’s called Hand to Hand, and they sell these “revolutionary” skin products. I’m usually wary of any ad that uses so many exclamation points, but I really need a job so I can get out of my parents’ garage. It’s not insurance, but I guess it’s helping people.

I got the stuff in the mail today. I stuff envelopes. I don’t even make the follow-up phone calls. I just. Stuff. Envelopes.

Okay, the job sucks. A lot. And most of my friends still seem to be avoiding me. Tony’s the only one who’s even spoken to me. He’s coming over in a little bit; he said he has a surprise for me. Hopefully something that’ll cheer me up.

Maybe I just need some perspective. After all, this can’t last forever. If I unexpectedly came back to life, it stands to reason that sooner or later all my dead tissue will too, right? And then, this will all be a thing of the past.

I’m sure you all have things like this you’re glad to be done with. What’s the worst job YOU’VE ever worked? When did YOU feel like you weren’t living up to your full potential? Leave a comment!

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