Movie Night

I tried calling a couple of my friends, to see if we were still getting together for Movie Night. It’s tradition. I used to have everyone over, throw together some pizza rolls and chips, and basically MST3K my way through a movie. My friends all loved it.

Of course, living with my parents has made things complicated…they don’t like me to have people over after 9:00 PM. My friend Tony kept the tradition alive…so to speak.

Now, Tony’s a good friend, and he seems to be the only one who accepts me. He looks past the…smell and decay and accepts this new part of me. But he said it would probably be best if I didn’t come, since the others, and I quote, “still weren’t really sure what to do with me”.

Do with me? The same as before! Why is everybody so freaked out? I mean, I get now how it was probably shocking to see me at the pool party. But now that everybody’s had a chance to get used to the idea, what’s the problem? Besides, it’s movie night! I invented movie night! And I’m still just as funny as I was before, right? Right?

Maybe Movie Night has just gotten stale. I should come up with a new tradition and invite everyone! What sorts of traditions do you and your friends keep? Leave a comment!

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