Hand to Hand emailed me. I got fired. Apparently there was “an excess of blood and skin tissue” on the promotional letters I was sending out. So? They’re a freaking skin product company! It could have been a whole new ad campaign for them! “Has this ever happened to you? Finger bits all over your Christmas cards? Don’t let your skin decay and fall off! Use our product!”

Ugh, I know, I know. It’s not the end of the world. And I hated that job anyway. I just…when something like this happens, I start feeling like I’ll never get my life back. What else can I do? I got fired from a dead end job that didn’t pay enough to get me out of my parents’ garage, and I don’t know how many real friends I have left. I’m running out of super glue, and the smell seems to remind everyone of that garbage chute scene in “Star Wars”.

I thought this was something to celebrate! Everybody at the memorial said they miss me…that they wish they had more time with me. And yet, everyone is acting like they want to bury me and move on!

I’m sorry, I do appreciate the support I’m getting from all you readers. I wish more of my friends were like you guys. At the very least, I wish Jenny would get back to me.

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